The ugh. 

These days, finding the perfect product often takes you through a handful of retailer sites, cross-checking seemingly bottomless reviews, private Facebook group queries, personal texts and emails, countless blogs and social channels, and scanning walls of product-lined shelves... and it all seems to end in whole lot of uncertainty. We believe information is power, but too much can downright drown a gal when it comes to finding the right products to run your household and keep you looking your best.



The yay. 

We have found over the years that the best resources for the products that truly fit your lifestyle are your trusted friends and family, and, of course, the pros. You take pride in the life you’ve curated, and we want to make sure you spend your time and money living it well by connecting you to the people you know you can trust. We’re here to inspire, to inform, and to make your next purchase the easiest one you’ve ever made.



The future. 

With InGoodCo., product reviews and recommendations cease to be anonymous. Products are served up either from your circle of friends or a beloved influencer, whose body/skin/hair type, style, aesthetic and lifestyle preferences are not only known, but have likely influenced their purchase. Instead of scouring through hundreds of product options, only the most trusted and valued products are surfaced, eliminating the uncertainty of a purchase in the highly saturated markets we face today. We want to put the power back into your hands... and to make sure we all have a little fun along the way. 


Want to be in good company?