be in good company. 

Hi. We're Maggie & Lindsay, and we're building something really (really) special. We launched InGoodCo. in the early months of our second pregnancies, and have dedicated a lot of sweat (and some blood, and some tears, too) to bringing this particular baby to life. We believe that finding the right product for yourself, your family, or for your home shouldn't be a daunting research project. We believe in making the world smaller. We believe in making the internet smaller. We believe information is wonderful, and that we could all probably use more of it from the right places, and less of it from the wrong places. 

Here you'll find more information about InGoodCo.—we'd love to speak with you about who we are and tell you more about our grand vision of a better way to navigate the vast constellations of the product universe. 

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