Ever wonder what products are in your bestie's makeup bag or under her kitchen sink? 

We did, and that's how InGoodCo. was born.


Every year, we get our best girlfriends together and go someplace new for a weekend away from real life—we eat, we drink, we make mischief. Inevitably we find ourselves crammed into a hotel bathroom to get ready for an evening out. And, just as predictably, we rummage through each other's toiletries and cosmetics to find out what product we've been missing out on, and if we don't outright steal it, we buy it. Every time.

The same thing goes for house visits (which are more and more rare these days)—peeks inside medicine cabinets and under kitchen sinks are par for the course—we just want to know: what have I not discovered yet? What do I really need? Who better to answer this question than our best friends... our most trusted and most faithful guiding lights (that is, when they're not convincing us to do something outright foolish on the dance floor).

As our lives evolved and our responsibilities grew (hello, marriages, houses, kids, jobs, and bills that seem to multiply at alarming rates), finding the right products for our ever-changing needs became seemingly impossible to stay on top of. New babies meant new purchases, and subsequently new text threads, emails, Facebook posts, and smoke signals... new wrinkles, new toxin warnings, new stains—it all amounts to the same question: what do we need now? We decided that there had to be a better way to stay on top of this ever-changing, ever-mounting product hunt—that's how InGoodCo. was born.

We decided that there had to be a better way to stay on top of this ever-changing, ever-mounting product hunt—that's how InGoodCo. was born.

InGoodCo. provides our users with an engaging, creative, and playful platform to access category-based product reviews and recommendations from the very friends we rely on most, not to mention the influencers that never fail to clue us in on the latest and greatest. Void of the anonymity and high volume of often verbose and dry feedback present in other product review platforms, InGoodCo. provides users with insights into the brands and products trusted in one's own intimate circle of friends, while serving up a peek into the homes of their favorite social influencers—all through personalized and playful storytelling. From serums to sanitizing, bronzers to baby wipes, discover instantly what products are relied on most by your inner circle, all the while becoming a curator of the best every day items that make your life sing.

You take pride in the life you’ve curated, and we want to make sure you spend your time and money living it well by connecting you to the people you know you can trust. We’re here to inspire, to inform, and to make your next purchase the easiest one you’ve ever made.

Maggie Sause