We're in beta, babes.

Because we're building this for all of us, we want to clue you in on why we're doing what we're doing when we're doing it. Currently, we're in beta to test, learn, and refine our platform. Our goal is to not only build a cache of whip smart reviews, but to get the feedback and insights into what’s working, and what needs more TLC. We’ll be working closely with our brilliant technology partners at Maki Fund to integrate our beta testers' feedback, large and small... and this is just the beginning, we've got much more for you waiting in the wings. 

Our beta testers are (mostly) all moms—some are new, some are seasoned pros—and we want them to focus, for now, on products that help them survive as moms. Our goal is to focus on a smaller community and what they're experiencing as users in order to get it right. Soon we'll be expanding the platform to babes without babies and the products and categories that they love and trust—our ultimate goal is to build a platform that helps all women navigate the product universe, and to have some fun along the way.

Here's a taste of the features we're perfecting now
(but there's much more to come):


Share a Review

Find something you love? Share it with your community through our groundbreaking interface—tell your story with the simple tap of a heart, or get creative with photos and video, drawing a picture, or sharing a gif. 


Browse and Discover

Discover new products by browsing the feed to see what your friends (or the InGoodCo. community) are talking about, or search by category if you're looking for something more specific. 


Send an SOS

Not finding exactly what you're looking for? Send a request for a specific product recommendation to your friends (we call it an SOS)—the answer has never been closer. 

Want to be in good company?

Beta is just the beginning—here's a taste of the features to come: 

Connect with other users to ask questions about their reviews, or just to tell them how much you love their recommendations

Expanded Categories
We'll be expanding categories to include all of the products we use on the daily—think beauty, household, and travel  

Enhanced Profiles
Your profile will become rich with deeper organization, engagement ratings, and more functionality